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Customize A New 2016 Ford F-650 OR F-750

July 9th, 2015


This is the game-changer in medium duty trucks. Introducing the New 2016 Ford F-650 and F-750, with proven engineering, wider selection, and easier upfitting. These trucks mean serious business. The New Medium Duty is proudly designed, engineered, built and tested exclusively by Ford, right here in the United States. Because of this, every component of the truck is now covered by the Ford Warranty and may be serviced at any BPN dealership.


For the new model, Ford made a point to streamline the upfitting process of their line-up of medium duty trucks. With cleaner cut-away choices this time around, modifying a new F-650 or F-750 is now much easier and more cost-effective. With our upfitters, you can choose which options are best to suit you and your business, whether you need a dump truck, tow truck, delivery van, flat bed, utility vehicle, or any other Class 6-7 application you can think of.

Alternative fuel options are also available. The new batch of medium-duty trucks will readily accept compressed and liquified natural gas conversion kits, with Ford has made this much more accessible than other third-party upfitters, allowing business to more easily save on their fuel costs and help the environment.

Give us a call today at (877) 663-3430 learn more about how a 2016 Ford Medium Duty can get the toughest jobs done and save your bottom line.

Why Make the Switch to Natural Gas?

July 9th, 2015


Ford is all about innovating for and ensuring sustainability, and right now that means changing how our vehicles move on a very fundamental level, their fuel. Integrating an alternative fuel into your fleet can bolster your bottom line, support the U.S. economy, and help keep Michigan beautiful for generations to come.

why_alt_fuelOne of the most attractive up-fit options for Ford’s Commercial Line-up are vehicles that run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Ford Commercial has made this historically expensive up-fit an affordable and attractive option for those starting or upgrading their fleet of vehicles. Firstly, natural gas considered a much cleaner alternative to gasoline, while providing the same amount of power to the truck and costing much less per gallon equivalent. As of just this last April, the average price for a gasoline-gallon-equivalent of Compressed Natural Gas was $2.09, compared to gasoline averaging around $2.42 per gallon.

Information Courtesy of

Information Courtesy of

According to a case study by Ford in Kent, Washington, a distribution company switched to CNG powered Ford F-650s and saved around $500 a month per vehicle, based on a figure of driving between 2,000 to 2,500 miles a month with diesel fuel.

“Ford has given us a lot of bang for our buck,” says Jim Florio, owner of Click Wholesale Distributing in Kent, WA. “The drivers are also proud to be part of a solution to drastically reduce emissions. And because this vehicle is so affordable, more of our drivers can drive new trucks.”

With a steadily growing domestic production and infrastructure, stable, affordable prices on fuel and the kits, plus more renewable fuel options emerging every day, running your vehicles on compressed natural gas is proving to be a very forward approach.

CNG and Propane fuel types (LPG) are available on the Ford Transit Connect, Transit Van, Transit Cutaway and Chassis cab, the E-350 and 450 Stripped and Cutaway Chassis, the F-250, 350, and 450, Super Duty Pickup, the F-350, 450, and 550 Super Duty Chassis Cab, the F-650 and 750 Medium Duty, the F59 Commercial Chassis, and the F53 RV Stripped Chassis.

Many other options are available through Ford to support other alternative fuels too, check it out on Ford’s Fleet Vehicle site here. You can also read up on the complete benefits of switching to CNG on the U.S. Department of Energy’s website here.

Don’t forget, Borgman Ford Commercial is here for all of your commercial needs. Contact us with any questions about Ford Compressed Natural Gas Up-Fits and Options!

Watch the 2015 F-150 Run An Obstacle Course

July 9th, 2015

You’ve heard all about it: the New 2015 Ford F-150, and Borgman Ford is proud to be a distributor of America’s Favorite Pick-Up. Shedding over 700 pounds since last year’s model, the all new F-150 was made famous for employing a military grade aluminum alloy body atop a high-strength steel frame, giving it incredible, lasting durability and a vastly superior power-to-weight ratio. The 2015 model can tow up to 12,200 lbs., or carry a 3,300 lb. payload, making it the strongest pickup in its class. With 4 engine options to choose from, the peppy and efficient 2.7L EcoBoost to the powerful 5.0L V8, this truck is equipped to handle any job you throw at it, all the while picking up awards for efficiency, safety, and payload capacity.

But how well would it hold up on a gigantic and punishing obstacle course? John Breknus, creator and host of Sport Science on ESPN, puts the F-150 to the test on the official FordTrucks YouTube channel. In a series called Tough Science, a truck-sized obstacle course was designed and built to reflect what a top NFL running back would see during training and testing. Watch the video below to see how the F-150 performs through rigorous trials like a stretch of half-buried logs, a huge mud puddle, and even a full-size wrecking ball.

Watch the full video here:

Ford Tough Truck Challenge Winner Revealed!

January 17th, 2014

After a public vote featuring Ford’s top 10 Tough Truck Challenge Finalists, the winners have been revealed! Read how these small business owners have used their trucks on a daily basis to complete trough, rigorous, and detailed tasks. As a reward, the grand prize winner received a brand new F-250! Accelerate and revamp your business by getting your new truck at Borgman Ford today!

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.20.23 PMGrand Prize Winner
D.H. Badger, Badger Custom Homes

“I can’t thank Ford enough for the chance to win a new F-250. I have over 400k miles on my ’99 F-250 with the 7.3L diesel and the truck is as reliable as the day I bought it. I’ve heard great things about the new 6.7L diesels and I can’t wait to give one a try!”

Badger Custom Homes

Here’s my 1999 F-250. I’m a custom home builder in Austin, Texas and the truck has been with me since I got into the business with a production builder. It is used every day and currently has over 400,000 trouble-free miles on it and counting.

This truck has hauled a Case 480D backhoe 10 hours round-trip several times, and pulls a Bobcat S250 skid-steer all over the Texas hill country. It hauls lots of different equipment and we regularly run tools, machinery, plants, and jobsite materials from home to home. There is constantly something in the bed or headache rack.

I don’t see ever getting rid of the truck since it’s never let me or my business down. Many of my subcontractors have had 3 or 4 trucks since I’ve owned “Big Blue” and they can’t believe how long it’s lasted (they are the few that really know how it gets used). Not only does it still perform flawlessly, it looks as good as the day I got it. Well, from 30 feet away anyhow. I put one dent in the truck when I forgot I was pulling a generator and jack-knifed it!

The truck has proven so reliable that when it was time to replace my wife’s Explorer, we went with an Excursion with the same motor and transmission as my truck. Why change a good thing?

Now that I’m taking on more work, I need to expand with another truck. With the track record of Big Blue, I don’t see how my company could go wrong. This truck has helped build hundreds of houses in the Central Texas area and has really been like a partner in the company. Whether we need to haul a rock saw for utilities or agave cactus for landscaping, we’ll be there.

2nd Place
Norris Farm
Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.20.28 PM

3rd Place
Jerry Toy Farm
Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.20.33 PM

Click here for the complete Ford story of the 2nd and 3rd place winners.


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