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Brand Your Company Vehicle With Ford Commercial Graphics

Whether you’re looking to brand your small business with a wrap made for your F-250 SuperDuty or a Transit Connect, or thinking about branding an entire fleet, Borgman & Ford Commercial Graphics have you covered! Create custom vehicle graphics to fit your business using the fully interactive, online, customizer available at You can upload logos, add shapes, text and more to create the perfect mobile billboard. And the best part about it, your Ford Commercial Graphics carry the same 3 year/36,000 mile warranty as your vehicle.

Now Fleet customers can even order the New Ford Fusion straight from the factory with branding out-of-the-box! Talk to Scott Gibbons in Borgman Ford’s Grand Rapids Commercial & Fleet Sales division by calling 616-249-8815.

All products are printed with only the finest 3M vinyl and laminate available. Wraps are all removable, residue free, durable, and scratch resistant. Original Wraps, together with Ford, offer only “The Best” vinyl products available.

Fords Commercial Graphics provide a thin, photo quality protective membrane, buffering your vehicle from occasional nicks and scratches from everyday use.

Questions and Answers About the Ford Commercial Graphics Program

Q. What are Ford Commercial Graphics made of?
A. Ford Commercial Graphics uses 3M products for our graphics. Our graphics are printed on 3M vinyl and laminated for protection. This premium quality vinyl is the same material used for premium full wrap vehicle graphics. Ford Commercial Graphics is able to control quality by doing all production in-house.

Q. Will the vinyl graphic damage my vehicle?
A. Our wraps will not damage your vehicle’s paint. However, if applying after a new paint job you should wait at least 6 weeks before applying the vinyl.

Q. How do I keep my graphics in good condition once they are installed onto my vehicle?
A. This is a vinyl product and should be cleaned and conditioned during your routine washing. Avoid car washes that use brushes or high pressure. We recommend hand washing. Waxes should never be used on vinyl as well because most waxes contain petroleum distillates that build up on the vinyl. The build up of wax contributes to heat absorption accelerating fading and damage of the graphic. No type of oil should be used on vinyl.

Q. Do the colors of the graphics on the website match exactly the color of the vinyl I will receive?
A. In most cases you will not see a difference. However, the images on the website are representations of our products. Because of the wide array of monitors and monitor settings we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors that are depicted on the website.

Q. How long will the graphics last on my vehicle?

A. The graphics are designed to be replaceable, but they will last anywhere from 3-5 years.

Q. Am I able to personalize my Ford Commercial Graphics with my own design?
A. Yes, please contact 1-866-944-9727 with any questions you have regarding personalization of your Ford Commercial Graphics.

Q. Will the vinyl leave a residue when I remove the graphics?
A. It will not leave any residue. However, if you are putting it on an antique paint job you should test a discreet area to make sure that any surface oxidation doesn’t leave a residue from the vinyl adhesive.

Q. Where do I get my personalized Ford Commercial Graphics installed?
A. Everything from ordering to install is done and coordinated with your local Ford dealership. If you have any questions please call us at 1.877.236.4428.


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