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Ford Tough Truck Challenge Winner Revealed!

January 17th, 2014

After a public vote featuring Ford’s top 10 Tough Truck Challenge Finalists, the winners have been revealed! Read how these small business owners have used their trucks on a daily basis to complete trough, rigorous, and detailed tasks. As a reward, the grand prize winner received a brand new F-250! Accelerate and revamp your business by getting your new truck at Borgman Ford today!

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.20.23 PMGrand Prize Winner
D.H. Badger, Badger Custom Homes

“I can’t thank Ford enough for the chance to win a new F-250. I have over 400k miles on my ’99 F-250 with the 7.3L diesel and the truck is as reliable as the day I bought it. I’ve heard great things about the new 6.7L diesels and I can’t wait to give one a try!”

Badger Custom Homes

Here’s my 1999 F-250. I’m a custom home builder in Austin, Texas and the truck has been with me since I got into the business with a production builder. It is used every day and currently has over 400,000 trouble-free miles on it and counting.

This truck has hauled a Case 480D backhoe 10 hours round-trip several times, and pulls a Bobcat S250 skid-steer all over the Texas hill country. It hauls lots of different equipment and we regularly run tools, machinery, plants, and jobsite materials from home to home. There is constantly something in the bed or headache rack.

I don’t see ever getting rid of the truck since it’s never let me or my business down. Many of my subcontractors have had 3 or 4 trucks since I’ve owned “Big Blue” and they can’t believe how long it’s lasted (they are the few that really know how it gets used). Not only does it still perform flawlessly, it looks as good as the day I got it. Well, from 30 feet away anyhow. I put one dent in the truck when I forgot I was pulling a generator and jack-knifed it!

The truck has proven so reliable that when it was time to replace my wife’s Explorer, we went with an Excursion with the same motor and transmission as my truck. Why change a good thing?

Now that I’m taking on more work, I need to expand with another truck. With the track record of Big Blue, I don’t see how my company could go wrong. This truck has helped build hundreds of houses in the Central Texas area and has really been like a partner in the company. Whether we need to haul a rock saw for utilities or agave cactus for landscaping, we’ll be there.

2nd Place
Norris Farm
Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.20.28 PM

3rd Place
Jerry Toy Farm
Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.20.33 PM

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