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It’s a Wrap – Check Out Ford Commercial Graphics!

May 4th, 2012

Is your company looking to get more promotional “mileage” from your time spent on the road? Ford has a nifty website where you can create custom vehicle graphics to fit your business using the fully interactive, online, customizer. Upload logos, add shapes, text and more to create the perfect mobile billboard. And the best part about it, your Ford Commercial Graphics carry the same 3 year/36,000 mile warranty as your vehicle.

All products are printed with only the finest 3M vinyl and laminate available. Wraps are all removable, residue free, durable, and scratch resistant. Original Wraps, together with Ford, offer only “The Best” vinyl products available. Fords Commercial Graphics provide a thin, photo quality protective membrane, buffering your vehicle from occasional nicks and scratches from everyday use.

So if you’d like people to “know your business” – check out Ford Commercial Graphics today at or give us a call for assistance!

Ford’s Alternative Fuel Guide Now Available!

April 17th, 2012

Optimize Your Fleet and Save Some Green

Ford has released a helpful Alternative Fuel Guide to optimize your fleet. You can save money — and the environment — by optimizing your commercial vehicles, and the brochure includes many helpful tips on how.

Download the 2012FordAlternativeFuelGuide.

After you’ve taken a look, call Borgman Ford Commercial to build your fleet the way you want. We’re here for your fleet needs and always happy to help!

Ford Leads in Commercial Alternative Fuel Development with Bi-Fuel Trucks

April 17th, 2012

From Scott Gibbons
Commercial Manager

For years, Automakers have been rushing to develop a less expensive, viable, and efficient alternative to gasoline powered vehicles. The result has been a string of battery electric hybrid mini cars lacking commercial appeal. For years, shrinking the carbon footprint meant losing towing capacity, but Ford has a new solution: Compressed Natural Gas.

The advantages of CNG are plentiful. Both the environment and your pocketbook will benefit from its use. CNG burns cleaner than gasoline and increases engine life. A CNG-powered vehicle requires oil and filter changes every 9000-10,000 miles — a far cry from the 3000-5000 miles required by gasoline powered vehicles.

CNG-powered vehicles can practically pay for themselves in 90,000 to 100,000 miles. Currently, prices range from 1.80 – 2.40 per gallon equivalent nationwide. And it gets better: 87% of our natural gas is domestically produced.

The only problem is the lack of filling stations. Metropolitan areas have seen CNG stations going into service at a rate of one per quarter, but rural areas are still behind in infrastructure development. This is why bi-fuel vehicles are best. When CNG isn’t available, you can fuel up with gas.

Ford currently has bi-fuel capability on the E-series van, and the F-350 – F-550 chassis.

Call Borgman Ford today for a fleet comparison to see how bi-fuel vehicles can help you.

Diesel Transit Joining Ford’s Commercial LIneup

April 17th, 2012

Ford announced recently that its Ford Transit commercial van will come to market with a new clean-diesel engine, on top of the already announced EcoBoost V6. These engines will allow the new Transit to achieve at least 25 percent better fuel economy than current E-Series vans it replaces.

In addition to the new Transit, certain E-Series body styles will continue to be available through most of the decade in North America, even after the U.S.-built Transit goes on sale. Production of the new Ford Transit cargo and passenger vans will start in Kansas City in 2013. Ford was able to keep the weight down and the new Transit will be at least 300 pounds lighter than the current E-Series.

Kevin Koswick, director, North American Fleet, Lease and Remarketing Operations for Ford said the company is committed to continuing to provide customers a range of options to reduce their operating costs. He said Ford will offer a lineup of industry-leading fuel-efficient engines and alternative-fuel technologies, including EcoBoost, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery-electric, biodiesel and CNG/LPG.


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