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Financing Your Fleet with Borgman Ford is Good Business

September 2nd, 2015

If you’re looking to expand your fleet for year-end expenditure, or maybe even start a new one, you can explore all of your options at Borgman Ford Commercial. Together with Ford Credit, we have helped many businesses in the Grand Rapids area find a program that made sense for them and their bottom line.

img_commercial_financing_overview1Commercial Retail Financing
Stop in to Borgman Ford Commercial and take advantage of features like competitive rates and flexible terms, and no hidden fees. Combined billing is also available. Available on New, Used, vehicles used as “for hire” (livery), and alternative fuel vehicles.

Commercial Red Carpet Lease
With the Red Carpet lease, you can enjoy a brand-new Ford vehicle more often. This closed-end lease with no residual risk makes the cost of predictable usage vehicles more manageable. Business owners with Red Carpet enjoy lower monthly payments, lower maintenance costs, GAP protection, combined billing, and Extended Service Plans are available. At the end of the lease, simply stop in to Borgman Ford and swap it out!

Who says finding a lease plan right for you has to be difficult? At Borgman Ford Commercial, we make financing easy. CommerciaLease from Ford Credit is a customizable, open-ended program with very flexible terms, combined billing, and no mileage restrictions or penalties. We can set the residual based on your businesses’ requirements, and can accommodate high mileage vehicles, upfits, and alternative fuel options too.

Commercial Line of Credit
Turn the benefits of your Ford Credit into advantages at Borgman Ford Commercial. With no set up or non-utilization charges, many businesses choose Ford Commercial Line of Credit to keep their banking simplified and to take advantage of the competitive terms and rates. Keeping your bank lines open can be a critical advantage to a business, as is having a no-hassle way to expand the fleet. Ask us about Commercial Line of Credit today!

Combined Billing
Borgman Ford Commercial offers Combined Billing services through Ford Credit to help simplify your finances. With one consolidated bill every month, you can easily manage your accounts and focus on other business matters. The best part is, Combined Billing is complimentary to customers with two or more accounts! Stop by for details.

img_commercial_financing_overview6Chassis Financing
Borgman Ford Commercial has financing available to upfitters too! If you’re in the business of customizing or modifying Ford vehicles to perform a variety of tasks, Ford Credit has easy solutions. You can finance vehicles regardless of GVW, get immediate lines of credit at competitive rates, and more, all with simple monthly billing. Many other features and options are available too, stop in for details.

Daily Rental Financing
We can’t leave out options for Car Rental companies. Stop in and ask about what Borgman Commercial can do for your fleet of daily rentals. Some of the features these customers enjoy are risk and repurchase financing, competitive rates on new and used vehicles, highly competitive amortization rates, and more. This Ford Credit program is designed around Independent Operators and National Franchises, with online tools to help manage your fleet and payments. Give us a call for more information!

img_commercial_financing_overview7Municipal Financing
Many municipalities have relied on Ford vehicles for years for public safety and other “essential use” equipment, but did you know that there are Ford Credit options specifically tailored to benefit local governments? Borgman Ford can help local municipalities in the Greater Grand Rapids Area square away lines of credit for new Ford vehicles. Whether it’s for Police, Fire, Emergency, Utility, or another need, we can help. We offer flexible billing, tax-exempt rates, and no down payment or security deposit. Stop in for details!

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a dependable, hardworking Ford vehicle that can do the job. Let the team at Borgman Ford help you finish out the fiscal year in style. We’ll work with you to get exactly what you need, when you need it, and with flexible and competitive financing from Ford Credit. Give us a call today at (877) 663-3430 or Contact Us for more information.


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