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September Commercial Vehicle Spotlight: Full-Size Transit

September 3rd, 2014

 by Scott Gibbons


I remember a day in March where I did not think it would ever get warm. As I sat in my house looking out the window at the three feet of snow still on my lawn, I realized how thankful I was for having heat in my home. It is easy to take our comforts for granted when everything is working properly. When they aren’t, we rely on the HVAC professionals that work hard to keep our heating and cooling equipment working in top order.

HVAC contractors are often overlooked as we visit the mall, see a movie at the theater, or sit in our home, enjoying the cool air while we watch children run through the sprinkler in the front yard. Without them though, we would likely lose our cool on a regular basis. Pun intended.

In order to ensure that they can install or fix a unit correctly, they need to be able to carry the proper tools and parts to almost any type of job. That is where Borgman Ford is able to partner with our local HVAC contractors to supply the vehicles they need to get the job done.

Ford has always been the first choice in toughness, versatility, and productivity. With the new full size Transit, they have taken that to a new level. Our demo units are now in stock and ready to drive. From the efficient Transit Connect to the new High Roof Long Wheelbase Extended T-350, we have up to 597 cubic feet of work space to fill.

Full-Size Transit: The Upfit Options You Need For All Your Duties

The Full-Size Transit has some pretty sexy cargo space. Check out the photo below, and visualize the upfit organization opportunity you can take advantage of to deliver the best HVAC efficiency and service to your customers.

Ford offers a full line of commercial financing products, and with our Borgman Commercial Business Solutions we can tailor our products to meet your needs in a number of different ways. Contact us or stop in to see the new Full-Size transits on our lot!

Read about our Full-Size Transit here.


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