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Targeting Fuel Management Solutions For a Fleet

August 1st, 2014

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 3.19.03 PMAugust is a great month to step back and analyze your fuel costs, calculate ways to reduce it, and take action. Did you know that after labor, fuel is the next highest cost for a fleet? Especially for those in peak business, such as landscaping and maintenance businesses, it’s crucial to ensure your fuel is being properly managed and used so your aggregate fuel cost can be as low as possible. Van Manen Petroleum Group is a local resource that offers prompt, dependable service for both fuel management and delivery.

Jordan Huizinga, a fuel consultant at Van Manen Petroleum, said that when it comes to heightened fuel costs, three main things contribute:

Fraudulent purchases, such as sodas, snacks, lottery tickets, cigarettes, ect. while purchasing fuel.

Time spent pumping fuel. Consumer targeted fuel providers have much slower pumps and nozzles. Fueling at these stations takes extra time on your dime. “Cardlock stations are set up for large trucks and trailers, fit with high speed pumps. Comparing that to, for example, a Speedway on the corner – they’re focused on the consumer market while we’re targeting the commercial,” Huizinga said.

Lack of control over fuel grade purchases. When you go to non-commercial fuel stations, the quality of your petroleum and the cost may be sacrificed.

By combatting each of these issues, your aggregate fuel costs for a fleet may significantly lower. It’s as simple as having a fleet management system to detect fraudulent purchases, and establishing fuel purchasing rules to guarantee the purchase of a specific grade. VMPG-Stacked-color-web

Van Manen Petrolum owns and operates the Pacific Pride stations in our area, ensuring that facilities are maintained, conveniently located, competitively priced, and fit with premium quality so you can get more for your money. And, cardlock stations are safety focused, so that efficiency can be delivered in the best, safest way possible.

It’s time to reconsider your fuel spending trends. Partnering with a group like Van Manen can save you up to $.30 a gallon.

“Our goal is to be a consultant when it comes to how you manage your fuel and oil,” Huizinga said about their Fuel Management Solution. When speaking of their Pacific Pride and petroleum delivery services, he said, “Mobile product is an expensive product, and when it comes to our oil, we will provide premium quality with a safe, quick and secure environment.”


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