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August 1st, 2014

Finishing this Season, Prepping for Next

by Scott Gibbons

This month my wife and oldest daughter traveled toChapala Mexico to work and teach at an orphanage. The stories from their journey are both heartwarming and terrible. While they were gone I thought it would be a nice surprise to completely re-landscape our yard. While my mind thought it would be fun, my body will likely never recover.

I have a new respect for the people and companies that work so hard to keep our landscapes beautiful. As I was hooking the chain around the fifth bush I was pulling out the thorns were shredding my forearms and knees, I kept thinking that maybe I should call someone who knows what they are doing…

Like most men, I am stubborn, and as such I kept going. If it were not for my Ford F -150, I would not have gotten it done in time. It popped the bushes out with ease, and some of the root bases were as big as the truck itself. It also helped pull down two trees and made numerous runs to and from the hardware store and greenhouse. I also managed to do all of this without getting any blood on the interior of the truck, a fact I am tremendously proud of.

At Borgman Ford we take a lot of pride in supplying the men and women of the landscape industry with the best vehicles on the market. From the fuel efficient transit connect, the more than capable Super Duty truck and chassis, to the amazingly powerful F-750, Borgman Ford has the tools landscapers need to keep mowing, plowing, and keeping West Michigan beautiful.

In case you were wondering, the yard looks great and almost all of my wounds have healed.


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