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Full Size Transit Review

June 25th, 2014

The Full Size Transit may be the most versatile, fuel efficient, and work capable vehicle Ford Motor Company has  ever made. It has a length and height to fit the TransitUpfitneeds of almost any job, from a small residential repair, to a large scale commercial electrical application. With upfit options such as interior shelving, exterior ladder racks, and a heavy duty towing package, the new van can keep your crews on the job site longer. While the Transit is designed to meet the needs of many types of businesses, it suits electricians and electrical companies especially well: with 3 wheelbase lengths, 3 roof heights and 3 engine choices.

While on a recent mission trip to Vietnam, I was able to preview the Full Size Transit in person. Maneuvering the “roads” in the hills of that impoverished country would have been a difficult test for any vehicle. The Transit handled it like a leopard climbing a tree. Braking was excellent, the ride was superb, and it was easily able to transport our group from the city to the countryside.

The Transit will soon be landing at our dealership, and we plan to put a few in demo service immediately. There is more versatility, more MPG, and more payload than ever before. I am positive the new van will get you charged up, and exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re an electrician or in any other field, give us a call to schedule a demo today.

Scott Gibbons
Commercial Account Manager


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