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BPN Dealerships: Your Source for Alternative Fuel Solutions

March 28th, 2014

Finding the elusive balance between maximum performance and sustainability is every commercial businesses dream. What strides can you take to reduce your footprint? How can you do this without sacrificing the power and output of your vehicles? Business Preferred Network (BPN) dealerships are your source for alternative fuel solutions (and the best performing Ford vehicles!) in order to make this happen. They will help identify the correct truck and the right fuel for your individual business needs to ensure you’re not emitting more than you have to. Then, let Borgman Ford show and provide you with the ultimate vehicle options!

Watch this BPN video to learn which vehicle is best for your business, and how each option offers efficient solutions and alternatives to ensure steps toward sustainability.

Below are the basics on why learning about alternative fuel solutions is necessary for all sizes of commercial businesses.

Reduced carbon footprint.

For many businesses, operating a fleet is the single largest contributor to their carbon footprint. When a business decides to reduce its carbon output, the fleet managers need to know how to identify which alternative fuel will make the biggest difference.

Reduced dependence on foreign oil.

Most of the world’s oil reserves are concentrated in the Middle East. Since most alternative fuels are available in the U.S. from U.S. sources, switching to alternative fuels can limit how much money is transferred offshore to support our domestic energy demands.

Government incentives.

The U.S. Department of Energy allows you to search its database of federal and state laws and incentive programs related to alternative-fuel vehicles. Learn more here.

Learn more about federal and state tax incentives for purchasing alternative-fuel vehicles at this government website.

Blueprint for sustainability.

“Ford has tripled production capacity for electrified vehicles in North America compared to 2011. This includes hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, with most sales coming from hybrid electric vehicles… This is part of the Ford strategy to offer customers a number of powertrain options – both conventional gasoline technologies and electrified options – within existing vehicle lines. We call this the power of choice, and it’s an important part of our vision to further evolve our fleet and our company.”

Excerpted from the William Clay Ford Jr. “Year in Review” Executive Message in the 13th annual nonfinancial report of Ford Motor Company

Cost of ownership

All fleet managers should consider the combination of acquisition costs, fuel prices and residual values to determine the total cost of ownership of the vehicles in their fleet. Although acquisition costs for alternative-fuel vehicles may be higher, these costs are often offset by the lower costs of the alternative fuels. In addition, the lower volatility of alternative-fuel prices reduces risk of future price shocks.

Contact Borgman Ford Commercial to discuss these topics and to see how a BPN vehicle can make a difference in sustainability and work performance.


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