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Fuel-Saving Tips for Fleet Managers

March 19th, 2012
We’ve rounded up some ways that Fleet Managers are dealing with increases in fuel costs. In addition to keeping fleets well maintained and selecting our high-efficiency passenger cars, eco-boost technology on the F-Series, and using our robust business technology features, these tips can help you save further.

Email Fuel Saving Tips to Employees

It never hurts to remind drivers that HOW they drive makes a difference in fuel consumption. These include maintaining proper tire inflation, changing driving habits, such as not racing to a red light, maintaining posted highway speeds and eliminating unnecessary idling engines. Managers can help keeps employees cognizant of fuel consumption by including tips at the bottom of all email communications.

Find the Cheapest Gas

Fuel prices can vary as much as 20 cents per gallon within a couple mile radius. Find the cheapest gas station in your area by visiting Web sites such as GasBuddy is a collection of 178 local Web sites that gather prices using a network of volunteer gas price spotters in each area.

Monitor Traffic with Roadway Cameras and GPS

Some companies manage traffic through programs that cameras set up on various roadways. The program allows companies to access the cameras over the Web to figure out the most efficient traffic routes to take. That program, along with a GPS system, helps improve dispatch efficiency.

Weigh Your Parts

Some fleet managers attack fuel costs by proper load planning. For example, a contractor who carries parts can save hundred of pounds, and improve MPG, simply by reducing the load and calculating the weight of each part.

Make Deliveries at Night Email Fuel Saving Tips to Employees

Is your company in a delivery business where deliveries can be made at night? Night delivery routes are less-trafficed and more fuel efficient.

Use Load Boards

For companies in the delivery business, some trucks might have available space to haul cargo for another company that needs cargo moved in that specific part of the country.

Using Load Boards is a great way to  connect brokers with haulers, whose needs are customizable by geographic location, type of truck, size and weight of the load.

Though not specifically a fuel-saver, this age-old concept is gaining traction for local shipments and even small parcels to offset high fuel costs.

Rely on Turn-By-Turn Directions

Some companies save fuel by upgrading their fleets to include turn-by-turn navigation, which gives their drivers the most direct and fuel-efficient route.

The system also informs the driver of improper tire pressure immediately. Proper tire pressure can improve fuel economy by an average of 4 percent, according to the EPA.


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